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How hot is the Sun?

The Sun compared in size with Jupiter and EarthThe Sun compared in size with Jupiter and EarthThe star we call the Sun lies at the centre of the Solar System. Although fairly small when compared to many other stars, the Sun is massive compared to the planets. Its diameter is more than 100 times that of Earth. The Sun produces huge amounts of energy at its core. This shines out across the Solar System. The Sun’s light and heat are vital for life on Earth.



Layers inside the SunLayers inside the Sun
The Sun is a spinning ball of hot gases: hydrogen and helium. At its centre is the core. The temperature here is about 15 million °C (25 million °F). This is the "nuclear furnace" where the energy that keeps the Sun shining is created. The energy flows out from the core through what is called the radiative zone to the convective zone. From here, hot gas bubbles to the Sun's surface.

The temperature at the centre of the Sun may be 15 millionĀ°C (25 millionĀ°F).

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