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What can we see in the night sky?

The Moon in the night skyThe Moon in the night skyA clear, windless night is the best time to observe space from Earth. On many nights, the Moon is the brightest and largest object in the night sky. Up to 10,000 stars may be visible to the naked eye (without the use of binoculars or a telescope). The stars are always shining in the sky. It is only when the light from our own nearby star, the Sun, dims at night that we can see them.

The Milky Way as seen from EarthThe Milky Way as seen from Earth

Stars and planets

All of the stars we can see belong to the Milky Way Galaxy. From Earth, our view of one of the Galaxy’s spiral arms looks like a misty band across the sky. This is the “milky way” from which the Galaxy takes its name. It is possible to see out beyond our galaxy to a few other galaxies.

Up to 10,000 stars may be visible to the naked eye.

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