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Boeing 747 jumbo jet

A Jumbo Jet is loaded with luggage and passengersA Jumbo Jet is loaded with luggage and passengers The Boeing 747 is one of the world’s largest airliners, also known as the “Jumbo Jet”. It can carry up to 568 passengers, but normally carries 467 in first, business and economy cabins. It cruises at up to 1041 km/h (646 mph), at an altitude of 10,000 metres (33,000 feet). Its maximum range is 14,815 kilometres (9205 miles)—more than a third of the way round the world. The first 747 passenger service begain in 1970. The newest version of the plane, the 747-8, entered service in 2012.

A cutaway illustration of a Boeing 747 (front)A cutaway illustration of a Boeing 747 (front)
The original Jumbo Jet: the Boeing 747-100The original Jumbo Jet: the Boeing 747-100


The Boeing 747 first flew on 9th February 1969. (The very first plane, called the City of Everett after the place where it was built, is now kept in the Museum of Flight in Seattle, USA.) Just under a year later, on 21st January 1970, a 747 took off from New York bound for London with the first fare-paying passengers aboard. By July of that year, a million people had travelled in a Jumbo Jet. 

A later version of the Jumbo, the Boeing 747-400, looked similar to the original 747 on the outside, but inside, new technology made it almost a completely different aeroplane. For example, on the flight deck of the original version, there were 971 lights, dials and gauges; they numbered only 365 on the 747-400. The engines were 50% more powerful—and only half as noisy. 


More than 160 km (100 miles) of electrical wiring runs through the 747.

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