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Telecommunications satelliteTelecommunications satelliteTelecommunications is the sending and receiving of information using electricity, radio waves or light. The information can be data, sound or TV pictures. Data can represent text, sounds, images or video. Forms of telecommunications include the internet and other computer networks, phones, two-way radio and TV and radio broadcasting. Phone calls, text messages, emails and computer data—and often radio and TV signals as well—travel through a vast communications network.

A satellite communication antenna (dish) A satellite communication antenna (dish)


All the different forms of telecommunications are turned into signals that can travel through the network. A network may be made up of telephone lines, cables, and radio and satellite links. Signal always travel between two points on the network (such as two mobile phones) and are directed through it by electronic switches. This is called a switched network. Radio and television networks, where signals are sent to many receivers from one transmitter, are known as broadcast networks.

A diagram of a telecommunications networkA diagram of a telecommunications network

Wiring at a telephone exchangeWiring at a telephone exchange


The word telecommunication comes from the Greek word tele, meaning "at a distance", and the Latin communicare, meaning "to share".

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