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Movie technology

A modern film movie cameraA modern film movie cameraA motion picture, usually called a movie or film, is a series of many thousands of still images which, when projected on to a screen in quick succession, creates the effect of moving images. A movie is created by shooting actual scenes with a movie camera, by taking pictures of drawings or models (traditional animation), or by CGI (computer-generated imagery) and computer animation. The first movie was shown in Paris in 1895. Since then, cinema has become popular all over the world. Thousands of people work in the movie industry, involved in every part of making a movie, from working the cameras or acting in front of them to making costumes and writing the script.

Edison's KinetoscopeEdison's Kinetoscope

The first movies

In 1891 American inventor Thomas Alva Edison built a machine called the Kinetoscope to show films shot by his Kinetograph, which was one of the first movie cameras. It was the first successful moving-picture machine, although only one person at a time could view through an eyepiece as the sequence of photographs on a strip of film wound past. Just four years later in 1895, two brothers, Auguste and Louis Lumière, gave the first public cinema show in a café in Paris. The movies showed scenes of everyday life in the city.


Film movie cameras and projection

The first moving picture sequence, called "Roundhay Garden Scene", was taken on a single-lens camera by French inventor Louis Le Prince in 1888. Development work abruptly ceased when Le Prince vanished from a train on 16th September 1890 and was never seen again.

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