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Formula 1 racing car

The Red Bull team in the pitsThe Red Bull team in the pits Formula 1 is an annual competition in which drivers race on different circuits around the world such as Monte Carlo, Monza, Silverstone and Nürburgring. The cars they drive use the latest technology to maximize speed, road-holding, reliability and safety. A modern race team involves a large number of engineers, technical experts and pit-lane mechanics—as well as the drivers themselves.

2017 Mercedes Formula 1 car, driver Lewis Hamilton2017 Mercedes Formula 1 car, driver Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes Benz W125 racing carMercedes Benz W125 racing car

Grand Prix

Motor racing began in 1894. The events became known as Grand Prix races. The cars’ weight was limited by an agreed “formula”. The German Silver Arrows, so-called because they were left unpainted to reduce weight, dominated Grand Prix racing in the 1930s. The German-built Mercedes Benz W125 was the most powerful racing car of its day, reaching speeds of more than 300 km/h (around 200 mph) in 1937.

Ferrari engines have won more Formula 1 races than any other make. As of May 2017, they had won 227.

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