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Technology and engineering


Open heart surgery—modern medical technologyOpen heart surgery—modern medical technologyTools and machines are devices that we use to make our lives easier in some way. Using knowledge to create these tools and machines is called technology. Simple technology, dating back many hundreds of thousands of years, enabled human beings to make fire, hunt animals and build shelters. Modern technology allows us to do an amazing range of things, such as communicating with people all over the world, building powerful engines and make major advances in medicine.


Tools and machines

Using a sawUsing a sawA bicycle is a machine that uses energy from musclesA bicycle is a machine that uses energy from musclesTools and machines are designed to perform tasks that we would find difficult or impossible to do without them. A tool, such as a saw, is a simple machine. It is easy to cut through wood using a saw, but it is impossible to do so with your bare hands. A computer is a much more complicated machine. It can do millions of calculations in a fraction of a second.

The word "technology" comes from two Greek words: techne, meaning "art, skill or craft"; and logia, meaning "science or study". Taken together, the word means "science of craft".

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