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Jesus rewards the fishermen, Simon Peter and Andrew.Jesus rewards the fishermen, Simon Peter and Andrew.Jesus returned to Galilee and began to spread the word of God. He preached to people both in the synagogues and out in the open. One day he was near the shores of the Sea of Galilee. The beach had become too crowded, so he asked two fishermen, Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, who were cleaning their nets, whether they could row him out a little way offshore so he could speak to the crowd more easily. The men agreed. After Jesus had finished speaking, he told them to cast their nets. They obeyed, even though they had caught no fish that night. They were rewarded with more fish than their boats could hold. The men left everything and followed Jesus as his disciples.

Healing the paralysed man

Jesus heals the paralysed man.Jesus heals the paralysed man.Jesus performed many miracles. It showed people that God was amongst them. One of these miracles took place at a house in Capernaum. Jesus was teaching to a crowd, among whom were some Pharisees, (religious leaders). A group of friends had brought a paralysed man to be healed. By now the house was so crowded they could not get in through the door, so they lowered him down through the roof. Touched by their faith, Jesus told the man that his sins were forgiven and that he should rise up and walk. The man walked and the crowd was amazed. The Pharisees, who believed in keeping strictly to what they regarded as God's word, were angry and accused Jesus of blasphemy.

Jesus told people that the miracles were a sign that God was with them, but many Jews took them as evidence that Jesus must be the Messiah, the "anointed one", or saviour. The Messiah would be descended from King David (Jesus's mother Mary was). He would reunite Israel and help the people expel the hated Roman rulers.

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