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Moses and the Exodus

Pharaoh orders that all Israelites become slaves.Pharaoh orders that all Israelites become slaves.Moses was born in troubled times. Pharaoh thought there were too many Israelites in Egypt. He ordered that all Israelites would become slaves and that all Israelite baby boys were to be put to death. When he was a baby, Moses’s mother kept him hidden for a long time, but as he grew she realised that he, an Israelite, was no longer safe with her. She made a basket from papyrus and hid her child among the reeds on the River Nile. The basket was discovered by Pharaoh’s daughter. She and her maids raised Moses as an Egyptian prince. 

Moses is discovered by Pharaoh's daughter.Moses is discovered by Pharaoh's daughter.
A thornbush bursts into flames.A thornbush bursts into flames. 

The burning bush

Moses grew up in Pharaoh's palace. He saw from first-hand experience that the Egyptians treated their slaves badly. He was so angry at seeing an Israelite slave beaten that he killed the Egyptian man responsible. He then fled to the distant desert land of Midian and became a shepherd. One day a nearby thornbush burst into flames. God called to him from the flames, saying he was stadning on holy ground. He told Moses to go back to Egypt and persuade Pharaoh to set the Israelites free from slavery.

The Princess, who found Moses floating in a basket in the reeds, unknowingly agreed to employ Moses' real mother, called Jochebed, to look after the boy in the palace.

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