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The Earth spinning on its axisThe Earth spinning on its axis

Facts about the world

Circumference at the Equator  40,075 km
   (24,901 miles)
Land area  148,328,100 sq km
   (57,270,000 sq miles)
Ocean area  361,741,000 sq km
   (139,670,000 sq miles)
Population  7,042,600,000
Highest point  Mt. Everest (Nepal and China),
   8863 m (29,078 ft)
Greatest depth  Challenger Deep, Mariana
   Trench (Pacific Ocean), 10,924 m (35,840 ft)
Lowest point on land  Dead Sea (Israel/Jordan),
   423 m (1388 ft) below sea level
Longest river  Nile (Africa), 6670 km (4145 miles)
Largest lake  Caspian Sea, 371,000 sq km
   (143,000 sq miles)
Largest country  Russia, 17,075,400 sq km
   (6,592,800 sq miles)
Largest population  China, 1,360,720,000
Largest city  Tokyo (Japan), 35,682,000 people

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