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Rhamphoryhnchus in flightRhamphoryhnchus in flight Rhamphorhynchus was a pterosaur that lived in Europe and Asia in the Late Jurassic Period. It had a small, furry body with a short neck and tiny legs. Its wings were made of skin stretched between long fourth finger and back legs, reinforced with stiffening fibres and muscles. Its long, stiffened tail ended in a diamond-shaped vane. Rhamphorhynchus's long, narrow, beak-like jaws were filled with sharp teeth that pointed forwards.

Peteinosaurus (left) and EudimorphodonPeteinosaurus (left) and Eudimorphodon

The first pterosaurs

The earliest-known pterosaurs were already advanced fliers by the Late Triassic Period, about 210 million years ago. Pterosaurs from the Triassic and Jurassic, including Rhamphorhynchus and other members of its family, the rhamphorhynchs, differ from later pterosaurs, such as Pteranodon, by having longer tails and shorter necks.


Fishing technique

The name Rhamphorhynchus means “beak-snout”.

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