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How do trees live?

The dragon's blood treeThe dragon's blood treeA tree is a tall plant with a stiff, woody trunk. The trunk is covered by bark and has branches growing out from it. There are two main kinds of tree: broadleaf trees and conifers. Trees give us fuel, timber, medicines, food, paper, rubber, fruits and oils. As large plants, they take in a great deal of carbon dioxide from the air and give off oxygen for us to breathe.

Parts of a treeParts of a tree

Parts of a tree

Like most plants, a tree has roots and a shoot. The shoot is made up of a trunk, its stem, and branches bearing leaves, buds, flowers and fruits (or, with conifer trees, needles and cones). The trunk holds up the tree while the branches and twigs spread out the leaves so that they receive as much sunlight as possible. At the base of the tree below the ground, a network of roots spreads outwards, anchoring the tree into the ground. 

The cork oak is an evergreen oak tree. Its thick bark is the chief source of cork for wine bottle stoppers. The harvesting of cork does not harm the tree, and no trees are cut down. A new layer of cork regrows after harvesting.

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