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A nebula, a vast cloud of dust and gasA nebula, a vast cloud of dust and gasSpace is everything that lies beyond the Earth's atmosphere, sometimes called the "heavens". This includes the Moon, the planets, the Sun, comets and asteroids, stars, black holes and galaxies. These are all known as "celestial objects". The study of celestial objects and how they came to exist is a science called astronomy. A person who studies astronomy is called an astronomer. The area of astronomy concerned with studying the Universe as a whole is called cosmology.



Astronomers of anicent BabylonAstronomers of anicent BabylonAstronomy is one of the oldest sciences. Centuries ago, people used the positions of the stars to navigate across the seas, or to decide when was the best time to plant their crops. Early astronomers used only their eyes to observe the stars. They made maps of the constellations and calendars to work out the time of year. For many years, astronomers thought Earth was the centre of the Universe, and that the planets, Sun and other stars all went around it. 

Astronomy is not the same as astrology, which is the belief that the patterns the stars and the planets may affect human lives.

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