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Which machines are used in construction?

Construction machines on a building siteConstruction machines on a building siteA number of machines and vehicles are used on a building site. Bulldozers, diggers and dump trucks are used to clear away any old buildings, rubble and earth, and to level the site. Pile drivers, huge mechanical hammers, are used to drive supporting pillars, called piles, into the ground. Concrete mixers bring concrete to make foundations. Tower cranes lift steel girders and concrete slabs to the upper floors as the building goes up.

Bulldozer and digger

Bulldozer, digger and dumper truckBulldozer, digger and dumper truckA bulldozer uses its giant blade to push earth and rubble. The vehicle has caterpillar tracks instead of wheels. They provide extra grip and spread the heavy bulldozer's weight. This allows it to move over muddy ground without slipping or sinking in.

A digger (also called a JCB or backhoe loader) can tear into the ground using the “teeth” on its bucket. It scoops up the rubble and pours it into the back of a dumper truck.A backhoe loader in action

The largest haul truck in the world is the Caterpillar 797. It can carry a load weighing up to 363 tonnes. Its 4-metre (13-foot) tyres are the the world's largest.

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