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What lives in the desert?

Libyan Desert, part of the SaharaLibyan Desert, part of the SaharaA desert is a region that has very little or no rainfall. Many deserts are hot places, bare and rocky, or sometimes covered with sand or gravel. The Sahara Desert in northern Africa is a hot desert. In some hot deserts, temperatures can soar to over 50°C (120°F) during the day. There are no trees to give shade and few places to find water. Even so, some kinds of plant and animal are still able to survive. There are also cold deserts, such as the Gobi in Asia.

Deserts of the world

Deserts of the worldDeserts of the world
Rock and gravel in the Sahara DesertRock and gravel in the Sahara DesertAreas of desert are found in the western USA and South America, as well as in Asia, Australia and Africa. The Sahara is the largest and hottest desert in the world. Most of it is covered by rock or gravel, only one tenth by sand. At night, with no cloud cover, the ground cools very quickly and temperatures drop to below freezing.

Surviving the heat

Dromedaries, single-humped camels, are domesticated animals. A large population of more than a million feral (returned to the wild) dromedaries live in Australia. They were first introduced to the country in the 19th century.

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