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How do bats live?

Flying foxes asleep (most of them)Flying foxes asleep (most of them)Bats are the only mammals that can fly. There are hundreds of different kinds of bat, divided into two groups: the flying foxes (or fruit bats) and the microbats. Bats live everywhere but the coldest parts of the world. Their wings are actually flaps of skin stretched over their extremely long fingers. Bats live in groups in caves, trees—even in roofs. They usually sleep during the day, hanging upside down with their wings wrapped around them.

Mouse-eared bats roosting in a caveMouse-eared bats roosting in a cave

Fisherman batFisherman bat


Flying foxes feed mostly on fruits, flowers, nectar and pollen. They use their large eyes and keen sense of smell to find their food. Most microbats feed on insects, small mammals, frogs, birds and even fish. Some kinds feed on fruit and nectar, while the vampire bat feeds on the blood of mammals.

There are more species of bat than any other mammal.

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