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Marine invertebrates


SquidSquid Squid have eight arms and two longer tentacles attached to their heads. Their bodies are enclosed in a mantle, with a fin on either side. They move by sucking water into their mantles via a siphon, then blasting it out again in a powerful jet. Their streamlined shape enables them to glide through the water at high speed. Squid have an internal shell, called a pen, that protects their inner organs. They have extremely large eyes and good eyesight for catching their prey of fish and shrimp. Squid can change their colour in seconds, a feature they use to scare off predators.

Arms and tentacles

Giant squidGiant squidSquid are carnivorous. Their favourite foods include small fish, crabs, shrimp and other squid. A squid stalks its prey by hiding out of sight until it comes within range, then shooting out its arms to capture it. The squid then pulls the animal to its mouth with its arms. Its sharp, horny beak is used to tear the prey into small pieces before eating it. Squid have two long tentacles on either side of their mouths. They use them for gripping or feeling objects, or for movement.

Squid blast out clouds of dark ink called sepia to confuse their attackers while they make their escape.

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