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Hammerhead shark

Front view of a hammerhead shark's headFront view of a hammerhead shark's head Hammerhead sharks are a family of sharks that are distinguished by their extraordinary hammer-shaped heads, with eyes at each end. This unusual design gives them the widest field of vision of any shark—allowing them to spot prey easily. Most species feed on fish, squid or crustaceans, but larger species, the scalloped, great and smooth hammerhead sharks, are known to attack humans. There are nine species of hammerhead in all.

Great hammerhead sharkGreat hammerhead shark

Head shape

The unusual shape of the hammerhead shark’s head, with one eye sticking out on each side, gives it nearly 360-degree vision, which helps it to look out for prey all around it. Like all sharks, its head also contains sensors, which detect electrical signals given off by other creatures. These can help the shark locate stingrays that hide under the mud on the sea floor. When a hammerhead young (called a pup) is born, its head is more rounded than its parents' head shape. The head may also be used to pin down the shark's prey on the seabed while it eats it. The shape is the perfect design for this use.

Hammerheads usually swim in schools during the day. Then, like other sharks, they become lone hunters at night.

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