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A to Z of herbivorous mammals

Musk oxen Musk oxen Herbivores are animals that eat only plants. Many herbivores have hooves instead of claws on their feet. This gives them speed to escape from danger. They are called ungulates. Most have strong senses of smell and sight. Ungulates that live in forests, or that have to search for their food, are often solitary. Those that live in open spaces and feed on abundant plants such as grasses tend to live in herds. This gives these animals—deer or zebras, for example—some protection against predators.

Springbok Springbok "pronking"


Antelopes are long-legged, fast-running mammals from Africa. They feed on grasses and other plants. Gazelles, springboks, impalas, kudus and wildebeest are all types of antelope. Antelopes live in large herds to protect themselves against predators. All males, and some females, have horns.

Wildebeest or gnuWildebeest or gnu

Domestic cows are descended from the wild auroch, a species of bovid which once roamed across Europe, Asia and North Africa and finally went extinct in the 17th century.

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