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Przewalski's horsePrzewalski's horse Horses, asses and zebras live in open grasslands and scrubland, feeding mainly on grass. They are ungulates, a group of mammals that have hooves instead of claws on their feet. Horses are from the odd-toed group, having just a single toe. All horses have a mane of hair on their necks, which stands upright in all but domestic horses. Their long tails are covered with hair all over in the horses but only at the tip in asses and zebras. Baby horses, called foals, can walk soon after birth. Other members of the horse family are the kiang and onager.

Wild horses, WyomingWild horses, Wyoming


Horses live in groups, called "harems", consisting of a male and a group of females and their foals. Male horses will fight for the right to lead a harem. Where food is plentiful, the harems join together to form large herds. Horses have excellent eyesight and can spot a predator in almost any direction. They can also run at top speed for long distances. Horses can reach speeds of around 70 km/h (more than 40 mph). A horse has several gaits, used for different speeds or terrains: walk, trot, canter and gallop. In each gait, the horse moves its limbs in a different way.

A horse’s height is measured in the number of hands from the floor to its shoulder. One hand is equal to 10.16 cm (4 inches).

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