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Extraordinary fish

Weedy scorpionfishWeedy scorpionfish Many ocean creatures may look extraordinary to us, but the colours, shapes or other distinctive features they have are there to help them to best adapt to their ocean environment. Their sharp spines or powerful venom, for example, may give them protection against predators—or equip the animals to be dangerous predators themselves.



The porcupinefish is a medium-sized fish, named after the porcupine, a rodent with a coat of sharp spines that help protect it from predators. Sometimes called the blowfish, it has three lines of defence. First of all, when threatened, it will swallow water to swell its body to more than double its usual size. Secondly, this swelling puffs out sharp spines all over the fish's body. Thirdly, the porcupinefish is also deadly poisonous if eaten.

Lungfish have both gills and lungs and can live out of water for several years—in a mud cocoon under the ground.

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