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South Carolina

A map of South CarolinaA map of South CarolinaSouth Carolina is located in the southeastern United States. The state includes part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. On the Grand Strand north of Georgetown, the coast is lined with sandy beaches. The shore becomes marshy to the south, where rivers and creeks flow into the ocean to create a maze of inlets and islands (the Sea Islands). Just inland are the Sandhills, ancient dunes lining what was once the coast millions of years ago. To the northwest of the coastal plain, above the Fall Line, the rolling, forested uplands of the Piedmont begins. These merge with the Blue Ridge Mountains, part of the Appalachian range, in the northwestern tip of South Carolina.

Palmetto tree and historic building, CharlestonPalmetto tree and historic building, Charleston


In 1629, King Charles I of England granted a charter to Sir Robert Heath to set up a new colony "under the name, in honour of that king, of Carolana" (Carolus is Latin for “Charles”). The colony included the region that is now made up by North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. Since no settlements were set up, however, Heath's charter was later forfeited.

In 1663 King Charles II granted a new charter to the land to eight of his prominent supporters, called the Lords Proprietors, in gratitude for their assistance in restoring him to the English throne in 1660. The land now became officially known as the Province of Carolina. South Carolina split from North Carolina in 1729.



The First Battle of Fort Sumter, Charleston, South Carolina, began on 12th April 1861, when Confederate artillery fired on the Union garrison. These were the first shots of the American Civil War.

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